Hollywood: Home of the Stars

Hollywood is undoubtedly where legends are created, and dreams of stardom can be realized. But has the golden age of movie-making unfortunately passed, or can the younger generation of actors still carry the torch for Hollywood? This blog will entice readers into Tinseltown, where they can discover fascinating facts about Hollywood actors, old and new. Some of today's highest-paid stars include Tom Hanks, Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, and Will Smith. However, yesteryear actors should still hold a place in everyone's heart, such as Burt Lancaster, Henry Fonda, Anthony Quinn, and Sidney Poitier.

Jack Nicholson

6 May 2021

Jack Nicholson first started to make a name as an actor in the 1969 film Easy Rider, followed by many international block-buster films such as Chinatown, The Shining and Batman. Nicholson has actually been nominated 12 times, won three Oscars, and is considered one of the US film industry's legends.

Johnny Depp

2 Apr 2021

Johnny Depp is actually one of the biggest movie stars judging by the number of films he has starred in, the awards received and the earnings he has made for his roles. His movies range from drama such as What's Eating Gilbert Grape to flamboyant roles in comedies like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.