Tactics in Video Poker

Video poker may well be a card game that is heavily based on chance inside the casino online room, however, there are many different ways of playing your hand.

It is worth thinking about the tactics you would like to adopt before you sit down to play. Look closely at the paytable and think about whether you want to at least ensure a cash prize or if you are happy to take that extra risk in search of the bigger amounts.

If you are content with a return of some kind, after the first round of cards are dealt, you will be happy to hold at least one of the top picture cards. This will give you a chance of hitting a high pair which is many formats will result in a prize. It may only be minimal but it will help keep your bankroll ticking over. Anything more will be a bonus because there is still a chance of two pairs, a full house and other hands.

In order to the hit the lucrative payouts, you may need to turn down a pair every now and then which may result in you walking away with nothing after the final round of cards. This is something you have to be comfortable doing and you should not regret your decision even if you end up with nothing. The tactics you are choosing involve a much less success rate however, when you do hit one of the top hands, it will be very rewarding. It is important you stick with it even if it is not going well because a premium hand may just be around the corner.